UNBORN0x9 is an art installation questioning the development of foetuses in artificial wombs outside of the body (ectogenesis) and the cyborg future of parenting. It explores the role of obstetric science in the increasingly technological experience of human reproduction, speculating on new types of bonding that may emerge with artificial wombs. Here, pregnancy is integrated into a high-tech vision of the body as a biological component of a cybernetic communication system.


NOV 12, 2020 – JAN 17, 2021

Curator: Mathieu Vabre

« SECONDE NATURE and ZINC are digital imagination incubators that have been working for several years towards fostering and promoting contemporary creation, advancing the understanding of the world in the digital age, and helping audiences appropriate technologies to develop their creativity and emancipation.

With this in mind, the two associations organise CHRONIQUES, the Biennale of Digital Imagination, whose second edition was held from November 12, 2020 to January 17, 2021. After having explored the theme of levitation during the first edition of the Biennale in 2018, CHRONIQUES focused on what the concept of Eternity might mean in 2020. »



FEB 13 – JUN 20, 2020

Curator: Helen Kaplinsky

« GENDERS presents a playful and kaleidoscopic view of genders and its relationship with science, as well as factors like class, culture, race, age and sexuality. The season aims to open conversation through personal perspectives on and beyond the female and male ‘binaries’. Drawing on the latest research from King’s College London, the season examines ideas of gender today.

The exhibition features artworks, scientific research and collaborative projects, and invites audiences to interact with and speculate upon the factors that shape our behaviour and our understanding of genders. Science Gallery London aims to offer a safe space to discuss, debate and connect with others on this most personal of subjects. »

Download the UNBORN0x9 Booklet.

Exhibition view, credit: Shu Lea Cheang.