For years 2021-2022, UNBORN0x9 is part of the ART4MED cooperation program which focuses on methodological framework advocating collaborations between artists/health/biomedical researchers. Aiming for border crossing knowledge sharing – across nation, race, gender, real, virtual, UNBORN0x9 launches a multi-interface Web Platform.

Concept & Interface design: Shu Lea Cheang

Programmation: Labomedia with Benjamin Cadon, Nicolas Derambure

Babies.mp3: Atau Tanaka


For the studies in three specific topics – ultrasound, ectogenesis, surrogacy, the online reading group invites for each topic a respective LEADER to guide a public reading session. Joined by the registered online readers and the general public, the online live event incorporates reading materials, co-writing pads, online chats & audio streaming in its multi-interface entries, aiming to to engage public debate on the designated subject matters.


Derived from UNBORN0x9’s hacking of the inaudible ultrasonic waves, this interface makes the stethoscope scanned echodata available online for download. Any interested authors can contribute their sonic interpretation of the echodata and upload them to the collective soundscape. This archive of re-processed ultrasonic data are programmed for random retrieval prompted by the online public’s interaction via typing onto the keyboards. The sonic intervention accompanied by data glitches launches multi- channel virtual communication with the unborn.

The Web Platform is developed in the context of Future baby Production’s research residency with « ART4MED: Art meets Health and Biomedical Research », a 2 years project (2021-2022) led by Art2M/Makery and co-funded by the Creative Europe program of the European Union.